Life as a trapeze artist

After spending years of demanding things to be either “yes” or “no”, or “black” or “white”, I find myself lately understanding that life is nothing like that at all! There isn’t a 2 sided spectrum to life. It is a ridiculous balancing act. Whether it is finances, social life, work, dieting, education, or partying, there is a right balance which you need for everything.

It is hard work! It’s like trying to juggle, whilst walking along a tight rope, wearing ice-skates! The truth is that nobody can live a perfectly balanced life. It is impossible! It’s not human nature to have the drive to balance everything equally. That is why there are so many words ending in ‘aholic’.

You shop too much and you’re a shopaholic. You work too much and you’re a workaholic. Drink too much and you’re an alcoholic.

It is some sick form of entertainment for us though, seeing people ‘fail’ at their equal balancing act. It is always nice to know that there is someone worse off than you, to reassure yourself that you haven’t yet sunk that low that people take pity on your life. People are generally that shallow they only care that they look good in the eyes of other people.

I guess that in life, you enjoy the company of people who have the same lack of balance as you, but you love the people who have the opposite lack of balance, simply because you want their help in balancing your life.

I guess we find pleasure in suffering, and content in demise…

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And the cracks begin to show

Have you ever wondered what the point is in life? Why you should bother getting up in the morning? Why you should care about other people? Why do we feel the need to exist?

I know that they are some pretty deep questions to ask yourselves, but every once in while, they do come across our heads (some people more than others). I know that I for one ask myself these questions constantly, and can only conclude that there is no reason behind life and no greater purpose. We are simply a mass of chemical reactions which has learnt to interact with one another, applying numerical values to random occurrences to help us predict the next occurrence.

I’m not suggesting that one day we will wake up and 1 + 1 actually equals 4, but that life should not be taken so seriously. If we are random chemical reactions, and we’ve been given the opportunity to develop our interactions between one another, we should embrace the chance to grow as a civilisation! Not be concerned about “god” and “the soul”.

I’d like to believe in god, but I see no practical reason for him / her to be a real thing. My own personal belief is that we all live and die once. So all you can do is make the most of your life as it is at the moment, and hope that the things you do will help to sustain / better the world in the future.

What do you believe??

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Food For Thought

Sorry for the long time since my last blog, I just seem to have been lacking my creative thinking for one reason or another. I’ve decided / been provoked (by mass recommendations by Facebook friends) that I should blog more instead of post statuses, simply because of the amount of long statuses I write. Anyways, here’s my ramble.

Everybody wants to be famous. My answer: GET OVER YOURSELVES. Fame does not fall onto your lap, not everyone in the whole world will just randomly become famous over night, so what makes you any different?! If you really want to be something in the world, you have to get off your arse and actually do some work.

The truth is, hardly anybody will be famous, only the select few who are willing to sell themselves to the global media market, and who can offer a new form of mental instability making the worlds population feel better about themselves.

Life is not easy! Laziness will get you nowhere!

If you want a big house and lots of money, you need to fight for it! You need to work your arse off and be ready to stab people in the back. The world is not a place which is willing to hand over large amounts of money to slobs who have no aspirations to do anything.

Another thing, pretty much nobody enjoys their jobs! I don’t understand why there is this misconception amongst young people that you can’t have a job you won’t enjoy. Do you think that the world was build by musicians and actors?! NO! It was built by engineers and labourers. If you enjoy being active, do physical work, if you don’t, do some design work.

Creativity can be channelled in science, engineering and philosophy, not brainwashing yourself into believing you are awesome by drunken singing on the karaoke down at the local pub.

How about instead of waiting for your perfect job to fall into your lap, you do something more useful with your time, to help you get a bit of cash to survive? Not only will it pass the time, it will get you some honest money which you know you deserve, and will give you a foothold for your future.

 That’s my food for thought for you all for today. Proactive = Success.

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These times, they are a-changing…

I feel like I’m having my mind destroyed with a whirlwind of statistics from surveys, opinions polls, and the news! It’s so difficult to try and think for yourself these days.

Is it really necessary to have a report on the effect of eating too much chocolate? The answer to that is pretty simple, you will get FAT! So instead of eating your 15th bar, try stopping after the 1st or 2nd.

I’m begining to wonder whether society is begining to devolve in this health and safety mad world we live in… I am a Darwinist true to the bone… I believe in survival of the fittest… Why should we be keeping idiots alive?

We’re all simply too soft and emotional these days. Everyone needs to grow a pair!

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When munching your way through a crudely prepared powdery chicken and dried bacon layered pasta salad, have you ever wondered why we have to eat? What’s the drive? What makes you want to put the incinerated carcasses in your mouth? What makes you want to crunch your way through slowly rotting piece of vegetation?

The answer is simply, survival.

So should anorexia be frowned upon, or seen as someone’s lack of care towards their own existence? Or should obesity be treated as greed rather than a condition?

Food is part of life…

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New beginnings?

As triumphant as one can feel in a day, it is simple and easy for that somewhat seeming “concrete” throne upon which you sit to crumble and fall to pieces right beneath you, just by one single person using their most powerful of weapons… Words.

Regardless of how much you build up that pedestal, with steel reinforcements in forms of allies and colleagues, at the end of the day, you shall always be the reinforcement of more peoples thrones than have of your own.

My question is, is it really possible to have your own new beginning, or are you just simply becoming the part of someone elses present? Is existence formed through co-existence?

Sam Yunoon.

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Day 1 of x

Life. In general… It’s rather dull. But in saying that, who knows what is and isn’t dull? Who defines what is fun and what is not? At the end of the day (pardon the cliché), it is yourself. You are free to decide for yourself who you want to be and what you think is fun, or mondane.

This blog, I must warn you now, is not going to be a read for the light hearted. I don’t control what I say, and it is often the first thing that springs to mind, which, to me, is how life should be.

So, as the default page says, “Hello World!”. Welcome to day 1 of x of my blog post, and the general unravelling of my mind as I travel from realms of adolescence to senescence.

Sam Yunoon

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