About Martin

I come from a small (reclusive) town in the north of England, just outside of Manchester. My family are all English, but we have Irish and Italian roots a few generations back.

I’m 5′ 7″ and about 10 stone (170cm and 64kg to those on metric) so I’m average weight and height. I have short, thick, dark brown hair, which I entirely blame on my Italian ancestry!

I was brought up in an average house, with an average education, and a generally average life.

I came straight out of the education system into a full time job in process engineering in the water sector (not something I enjoy, but something I’m good at and find easy).

I currently do a part-time degree in Mechanical Engineering, but would like to learn more. To me, education is the fuel of life.

I love experiencing new things! So far I’ve visited 24 different countries, and hope to visit many many more! I’m not afraid to try everything once 🙂

And I’m always ready to party! :-p


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