What is life?

Half asleep, you can hear the buzzing of the alarm next to your bed. Pressing snooze is the only comfort you can have, for half an hour or so, then you have to get back into the monotonous routine of life. Driving a cheap car on less than half a tank of petrol through rush-hour traffic with countless numbers of moronic drivers slowing you down to a dreary crawl. Arriving in the cold rain and wind to an old eye-sore of an office, a geometric block of crap sticking out of the run-down backstreets of a deprived town. Doing work ordered by idiots, for idiots, and dealing with infinite problems caused by peoples indecision as to which bureaucratic trollop you should be worshipping.

It often makes me wonder… What is life?

Is this really as good as it gets? Are we all mere numbers in a big governmental number crunching machine? Soon, people won’t be born with names, they’ll be born with barcodes. The only reason people can make it through day to day is by looking forward to things they have planned in the future. Having something to look forward to gives you meaning and purpose. Looking forward to heaven?

The only things which keep me going are my family, and my friends. Without them, I would have nothing to do with my life, I would have nothing to look forward to, and no reason to live. I would describe myself as a misanthrope, yet it is ironic how the only thing keeping me going is socialisation. It’s almost as if I love to hate life.

Without society, life would be nothing.

Life to me is… entertainment. What about you?


About Martin Bennett

I am average.
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