Midnight Terrors!

There I was, walking my dog last night through the old forest across the road from my house. This forest, it’s an abyss of ancient and deformed trees which absorb any tiny glimpse of light from the moon, which you can barely see normally because of the large amount of impenetrable black cloud shrouding the night sky.

 It edges onto the main road next to my house and rears off into the vast hilled areas of the moors. It’s almost as if it is trying to claim the land back for itself each year by slowly growing over the street lights and dropping huge branches onto the road, like a sinister bid to swallow the road back up whilst causing as much destruction to the people who have ruined it as possible.

 I like walking through the forest at night because nobody else does! Everyone is scared of ‘muderers’ and ‘rapists’, but truth be told, they’re too scared to go in there anyway. So I figure everyone is scared of a whole lot of nothing, and I go for my solitary walk to help me relax and clear my mind.

 As I was about 10 minutes into the densely overgrown part of the woods, I decided to take a route different to my usual route, just in a misplaced sense of adventure. There is a small cross junction in the paths with two of the paths leading back to the main road, one path leading up the hill in a big circuit and back round to another part of the woods, and one final path which I had never been down before, half impassable because of protrusive brambles projecting themselves into the path like an iron maiden, and half impassable because of deep stagnant pools of water covering most the path, effervescing with bacteria ridden foam.

 The mystery and torture of the unknown got the better of me, so I warily decided to take a risk and head down this dark passage to try and unlock the secrets which it withheld.

 After about 3 minutes pushing the brambles out of my way, whilst doing what could be considered as bizarre yoga positions to get past the puddles of grime on the floor, I’d travelled quite a substantial distance down this winding path deeper into the darker realms of the forest.

 I noticed in the distance some odd shaped trees. Not the odd shape where you brain tells you it looks like a person, but odd geometric patters being formed out of the dark shadows. This is when curiosity turned into anxiety and adrenaline, which I could feel pumping round my body. This just intensified the lack of air in the forest as I struggled for breath. I tensed up as I realised what it was. It was like a child’s hideaway made from old branches, tied together with grass, but it was hanging from the tree. Panic raced through my mind, and all of a sudden it felt like there were eyes in the trees and inhumane people staring into my back.

 All of a sudden, I started running. Nothing felt right. Without thinking, I pelted further down the path, hurdling over the puddles, and scratching my arms against the brambles. I didn’t dare look back because I had no idea what could have possibly been there, but it just didn’t seem right. Just as I’d started to get to full speed, my feet hit something, an immovable weight, and sent me flying through the air. My whole body was flailing everywhere in panic. Then I hit the ground with a big solid thud, which half winded me and left me slightly dazed. As I lifted my head slowly, I looked around to see neatly trimmed grass, an old decaying fountain, and a smashed up green house.

 That’s when I realised I’d tripped up over a 4 foot wall, and fallen into the garden of the people who lived a few houses down the street. The weird things in the forest were their kids play areas, and what was worse, they were all sat in their back room and had seen me come flying into the garden landing face first into their flower bed, crushing a dozen of their tomato plants, with my dog just standing on top of the wall staring down at me with an excited look on his face wondering what kind of game I was playing.

 I gathered some composure, with tomato juice bleeding over my clothes, and walked off through their gate, back onto the main road pretending nothing had happened, and made my dog swear to never mention it to anyone!


About Martin Bennett

I am average.
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