Why I hate Tuesdays.

The title says it all. Tuesdays really do simply suck.

They’re not so bad because you’re usually in a vegetated state all day, still recovering from a lack of sleep and stupendous rate of alcohol consumption over the weekend. I call this Monday Morning Syndrome (MMS). So the working day tends to fly by, and before you know it you are back at home watching TV, chilling with a nice ready-meal.

These are the middle of the week. By this point, you are back into the swing of things, work doesn’t seem so bad, you can quite easily manage to understand what everyone is doing and where everything is going.

Shall always be an average day, simply because it is usually the day when you are on a course or there is some important meeting of some sort which will take up most of the day. So Thursdays never really seem to have any impact on the week.

This is the day when you finish doing everything you need to do, calm down the workload, and start getting pumped for the weekend! Maybe a cheeky trip to the pub for dinner instead of getting food. Fridays are always a good day. Regardless of what happens, you know you can leave it be until Monday.

Saturdays are usually the hangover days. Catching up on the lack of sleep, because the good idea of staying up until 3am drinking has caught up on you. Then the usual unexpected / forgotten trip around half the country which you forgot you’d had planned for weeks. Then you go home, relax, and watch the Saturday night films.

This day is always the day when you have to do everything for your family. Whether it’s tidying half the house, going visiting a relative you’ve not seen in a long time and barely remember, or doing a spot of DIY, it is family day. At least it’s followed by Sunday roast though, as a good reward for your hard work.

So then you are left with the awkward day of…

It’s the day when you come around from your sluggish Monday attitude, and you finally realise “I am actually sat in work, and I’m stuck here for another 4 days”. All the problems in work kick in from other people realising what they did wrong in their half asleep state of MMS, and weekend just seems so far away.

Some people believe it’s bad to live for the weekend, but for me, it’s all that gets me through the week. The day I win the lottery is the day I will be truly happy.


About Martin Bennett

I am average.
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