Manchester ♥

Swilling down my 2 nd cup of coffee, staring out the window at the endless grey sky, watching the rain lash against the window, and feeling a cold chill run up my spine from the cold damp air seeping through the gaps in the window, I realised that I do love Manchester.

Yes, it’s always cold and raining and cloudy, has a crazy gang culture, and houses some of the roughest areas in England, but the people here are what make life worth living. It is often argued that there is “no culture” in Manchester, but quite obviously these people have never lived here. Judging culture purely on assets is ridiculous. Round here, culture is embraced through life, not through posh cars and mansions.

I find it preposterous that people can claim they have culture just because they own things. Maybe culture is formed because you own something, but that is usually more of a culture of hostility rather than compromise.

Being the central city of the industrial revolution, introducing computers to the world, and inventing jet engines, yet we still remain a city of modesty. There is one thing about round here which you should understand though, even though we are a modest city, we are on edge (probably because of the large amount of alcohol we consume), and will quite happily start a fight if someone dare suggest that Manchester is an unworthy place full of scum. We might not boast about our accomplishments, but we will not have someone slander the name of Manchester just because of sheer pompousness, or without just cause.

All I can say to the rest of the world, for the city of Manchester, is… Bring it on!


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