Life as a trapeze artist

After spending years of demanding things to be either “yes” or “no”, or “black” or “white”, I find myself lately understanding that life is nothing like that at all! There isn’t a 2 sided spectrum to life. It is a ridiculous balancing act. Whether it is finances, social life, work, dieting, education, or partying, there is a right balance which you need for everything.

It is hard work! It’s like trying to juggle, whilst walking along a tight rope, wearing ice-skates! The truth is that nobody can live a perfectly balanced life. It is impossible! It’s not human nature to have the drive to balance everything equally. That is why there are so many words ending in ‘aholic’.

You shop too much and you’re a shopaholic. You work too much and you’re a workaholic. Drink too much and you’re an alcoholic.

It is some sick form of entertainment for us though, seeing people ‘fail’ at their equal balancing act. It is always nice to know that there is someone worse off than you, to reassure yourself that you haven’t yet sunk that low that people take pity on your life. People are generally that shallow they only care that they look good in the eyes of other people.

I guess that in life, you enjoy the company of people who have the same lack of balance as you, but you love the people who have the opposite lack of balance, simply because you want their help in balancing your life.

I guess we find pleasure in suffering, and content in demise…


About Martin Bennett

I am average.
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