And the cracks begin to show

Have you ever wondered what the point is in life? Why you should bother getting up in the morning? Why you should care about other people? Why do we feel the need to exist?

I know that they are some pretty deep questions to ask yourselves, but every once in while, they do come across our heads (some people more than others). I know that I for one ask myself these questions constantly, and can only conclude that there is no reason behind life and no greater purpose. We are simply a mass of chemical reactions which has learnt to interact with one another, applying numerical values to random occurrences to help us predict the next occurrence.

I’m not suggesting that one day we will wake up and 1 + 1 actually equals 4, but that life should not be taken so seriously. If we are random chemical reactions, and we’ve been given the opportunity to develop our interactions between one another, we should embrace the chance to grow as a civilisation! Not be concerned about “god” and “the soul”.

I’d like to believe in god, but I see no practical reason for him / her to be a real thing. My own personal belief is that we all live and die once. So all you can do is make the most of your life as it is at the moment, and hope that the things you do will help to sustain / better the world in the future.

What do you believe??


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2 Responses to And the cracks begin to show

  1. David says:

    God makes the universe make sense. You’re right, there is more to it than this life. Go with that thought.

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