Food For Thought

Sorry for the long time since my last blog, I just seem to have been lacking my creative thinking for one reason or another. I’ve decided / been provoked (by mass recommendations by Facebook friends) that I should blog more instead of post statuses, simply because of the amount of long statuses I write. Anyways, here’s my ramble.

Everybody wants to be famous. My answer: GET OVER YOURSELVES. Fame does not fall onto your lap, not everyone in the whole world will just randomly become famous over night, so what makes you any different?! If you really want to be something in the world, you have to get off your arse and actually do some work.

The truth is, hardly anybody will be famous, only the select few who are willing to sell themselves to the global media market, and who can offer a new form of mental instability making the worlds population feel better about themselves.

Life is not easy! Laziness will get you nowhere!

If you want a big house and lots of money, you need to fight for it! You need to work your arse off and be ready to stab people in the back. The world is not a place which is willing to hand over large amounts of money to slobs who have no aspirations to do anything.

Another thing, pretty much nobody enjoys their jobs! I don’t understand why there is this misconception amongst young people that you can’t have a job you won’t enjoy. Do you think that the world was build by musicians and actors?! NO! It was built by engineers and labourers. If you enjoy being active, do physical work, if you don’t, do some design work.

Creativity can be channelled in science, engineering and philosophy, not brainwashing yourself into believing you are awesome by drunken singing on the karaoke down at the local pub.

How about instead of waiting for your perfect job to fall into your lap, you do something more useful with your time, to help you get a bit of cash to survive? Not only will it pass the time, it will get you some honest money which you know you deserve, and will give you a foothold for your future.

 That’s my food for thought for you all for today. Proactive = Success.


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